ChatGPT Missing CSS Styling

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ChatGPT Ugly Text-Only Output

ChatGPT output has zero personality! What we are missing:

There is a total lack of Personalization, by which I mean the personality of the graphic designer who created the system.

(Not end-user personalization. It's like Architecture, the end-user has no taste whatsoever and shouldn't be allowed to decide aesthetics.)

Witness this total failure to style ChatGPT output, even while trying within it's current paradigm:

> tell me a joke about graphic design

Why did the graphic designer break up with the font?
Because it wasn't their type!

> again but style with modern css

Why did the graphic designer break up with the font?
Because it didn't align with their style and lacked modern flair!

Styling the 4 colored squares to mark this as the output of a GPT system is impossible! ChatGPT CSS would have been an ideal solution.


Without styling, every piece of text looks the same. There is no flair, no personality, no joy...


Right now I cannot think of a reason we'd need flex/grid layout for ChatGPT, but my lack of imagination at the moment should not prevent us from implementing a standard which has proven time and again to enhance the user's experience of a work.

Personal Graphic Design

It is important that the personal vision of the graphic design artist comes through in the final work. What other purpose has kai?

Final Thoughts

Without beauty, what remains? Just content? What a sad world that is to imagine 😥.

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