Thought On Forth

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Thought On Forth

Hearing a recent talk from Charles 'Chuck' Moore (inventor of FORTH) I got the impression that he is disappointed that FORTH didn't gain more industry acceptance.

Chuck has also been quoted as saying we should write more programs with FORTH, and stop writing more FORTH implementations.

I am very guilty of this. I've attempted to write lots of FORTH's in my time. It's always a "go to" project when I can't think of anything else to do, or when I want to learn some new microprocessor architecture. I rarely actually write any FORTH code except for the bootstrapping of FORTH, in itself.

However, it's important to remember how much fun we've had writing those FORTH implementations, and the wonder of first understanding how a complete, bare-metal system can be built up from such a minimal set of concepts.

FORTH has brought so many coders so much joy and I think that is certainly something that Chuck Moore can be proud of.

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