Google Playstore Refuses To Sleep

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One Cool Trick to Stop Constant Surveillance

Like many of you, my bank requires me to install a phone app to access my account.

It's not possible to install such apps from an open source app store. On Android, for example, one must use the "google play store" app. This app will run continuously on your phone, monitoring your other apps and making suggestions on what to update or delete.

Sounds innocuous, except for the "google(TM)" and "constant monitoring" parts.


I use the google play store to install and update my banking app and then I disable google play store again.

(insert disclaimer about trusting the thing you don't trust, to disable itself.)

You're Using an Illegal Play Store!

Today my banking app refused to open saying that I hadn't installed it from an official app store (I had).

I had to go thru the usual loop of activating google play store, upgrading the app, and disabling google play store.

However, on restarting the app, it locked me out again.

I can no longer use my bank unless I keep google play store alive, active and monitoring my phone at all times.

My choice to turn off google monitoring on my phone has been removed.

After all, we can't live without our bank accounts.... wait, maybe I could sign up to google pay instead...

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